Recognize, Reassess, Reimagine

I always encourage intermittent evaluation whether professional or personal, this article -

continues the process of evaluation.


Self evaluation is so necessary for growth to occur because if you are not aware of areas in your life (physical, emotional, psychological, environmental) that are limiting you, you can't and don't anything about it.


Looking inward FIRST means you have more control over the factors that CAN change.  You can then understand how YOU affect everything

instead of focusing on how EVERYTHING is affecting you.

And for sure,  there are some routines and behaviors that continue to work successfully for you, so you might think "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"  

BUT what if, you changed the routine and changed the mindset?


What if, the outcome can be even BETTER

than the current outcome or BETTER than you imagined??

As a parent to a 7 year old, I am constantly reevaluating my approach lol. My parenting style is a mix of strict, old school routines and lots of freedom.  Yes, I am the "do what I say" mom but I'm also the "what do you want to do" mom.  I am constantly assessing if how I was raised works on her, does it yield the best outcome, meaning, am I stripping her autonomy, am I using tactics that she receives negatively and affects her self esteem, or individual power?  I try to parent my daughter by paying attention to and attending to her needs with a vision of the outcome, the type of woman she will grow up to be.

Staying present all the time, can be exhausting but all endeavors that we want to be successful require respect and flexibility.

Once you have looked at and evaluated your situation or circumstance, could be your life, your relationships, your job, the business you are growing, anything you are investing time and energy in, you must-


What's working or not working?


 Are there new or different factors to take into consideration?


- Approach with a new way of thinking, a new way of interpreting not only the present but the outcome you have envisioned happening:)

Certified Leadership Coach 

Certified Life Coach

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