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How repetition creates positive habits


Jennifer S. Heslop, Leadership Coach


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My business coach told me to add my workout days and times into my calendar. In fact, she unknowingly put my feet to the fire when she asked, “How often do you workout and when are the best days and times for you to do it?” I had enjoyed the luxury of deciding when and if I wanted to go to workout based on how I felt in the morning. Some days I might not feel like it and I didnt want any reminders!

In the past 60 days after scheduling my weekly workouts in my calendar, I no longer need the calendar’s notifications as a reminder nor do I use my feelings as a gauge on adhering to my commitment. What changed for me? Repetition.

“Repetition is a core element in the development of character and leadership competence. No skill of real value is possessed without the application of much repetition.

Every skill we learn is the result of practice and experience. It is a human frailty to resent repetition.

Without this ability we will not be able to reach our full potential.” - Leadership Platform.

It takes an average of 66 days of repetitive behavior to create a new habit.

What are you willing to do over and over for 66 days so that you create a new habit and see the benefits of that consistent behavior?

I believe that creating positive personal habits makes it easier to create positive business habits! One of the most effective personal habits that can directly impact you as a leader and therefore affect your business in positive ways is- GETTING UP EARLY!

Rise and Shine!- Getting up earlier in the day allows you to focus your mind on the day ahead before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

How to take advantage of the sweetest time of your day?

  1. Open your calendar and look at it. Get mentally prepared for the day ahead and visualize the outcomes you would like to experience. Imagine all the steps you will have to take to achieve your daily goals. It can be as simple as imagining the conversation you’re about to have in an important meeting. Getting mentally prepared for your day by positively visualizing the day before it has happened can help trick you out of imagining fearful outcomes. Imagining the best outcomes can set your mind, body and energy in alignment with the outcome you really want!

  1. Answer your emails!- Clearing out your inbox is a metaphor for clearing out clutter in your life! The more physical clutter in your home or office, the more unfocused you are. Get in the habit of clearing your email account (answering emails, deleting emails that are spam or have already been responded to and no longer have relevance) in the morning before you’ve begun your day.

  1. Do a brain dump- Often innovative ideas come at the most unexpected times including when you wake up in the morning. My ideas tend to come when I’m in the shower, go figure:) but what a great time to write down any new tasks that you need to take care of, new ideas, new innovations, concerns and intentions.

Commit to waking up 1 hour to 2 hours earlier than you normally do, for at least 66 days. Pay attention to how you feel on the first day, the first week at the 30 day mark and the last week. You will notice a change in your energy level, you will be more focused and less stressed and more productive.

There's no such thing as “not enough time in the day''.

24 hours is more than enough, learn how to manage your time by creating better habits.

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