Here are a few ways to work through fear...

Don't let your FEAR define you!

There are many acronyms for the word 'fear" including 





However you break down the words, feeling afraid feels real and how we allow that feeling to influence our future matters the most.So many times, we have dreams, make them into goals, even create a plan on how to execute those goals but something stops us.  Fear creeps into our thoughts and we allow it to strap in and ride there pushing those goals further and further away from being realized.

Fear is a great nurturer for people who feel like victims of life.

Fear also nurtures complacency and laziness.  It is probably the greatest excuse ever used!

Fear has started to define you when, before even trying, you decide not to.

I'm not going to start a new career, because I'm afraid of________

I'm not going to assert myself into leadership positions because I'm afraid of______

I'm not going to speak up because I'm afraid of______

(fill in the blanks)How to FEAR LESS

Here are a few ways to work through fear-

Because fear is a feeling , you can learn how to manage it.

1. Analyze the FEAR.  What exactly are you afraid of?  Move beyond "I don't know" as an answer.  Unless you're a child, you CAN identify what is igniting that feeling. What is making you feel afraid?  Is it that you can't see what's ahead of you? Is it your feeling of inadequacy around something?

2. Seek the positive possibilities in every situation. Be willing to accept the positive just as quickly as you are willing to see the negative.  This is a conscious action. DECIDE to think positively.  Conscientiously change your negative verbiage into positive when you find yourself  speaking negatively or fearfully.

3.  Become more self aware. In what areas of your life are you confident and feel positively about. Are you a strong athlete?  A natural negotiator? A good listener? Do people feel supported by you?  Do people follow your lead? Are you naturally a sociable person?  

Becoming more aware of your positive attributes will encourage you to be more confident in how you interact  with challenges. Also become familiar with the areas that may need development and then become ACTIVE in your development.

4. This one may not be easy initially but CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Once in awhile, take the chance, leap, speak louder, step forward, do the thing IN SPITE OF THE FEAR.

The more you choose to overcome the fear or ignore the fear, the easier it becomes to accept challenges and work through them.

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