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    Let me help you get out of your own way! Developing clarity of vision is the platform to accomplishing your goals, whether personal, career or business.



    Taking into consideration personal and business variables including finances, budget, health, relationships, time availability, let's figure out what you want to do, why do you want to do it and what's feasible and realistic.



    The nuts and bolts! Once we are clear about what your goals are, lets break down how you are going to accomplish them. A realistic and workable action plan will be the output of this process.

  • I am a Creative Coach and Consultant who has spent my entire career assisting individuals, businesses, and organizations in fully realizing personal and business goals.


    I engage with my clients through an empathetic lens. With all clients, my goal is to "tune in" by observing, listening, questioning, setting goals, and offering feedback. The importance of setting goals for the client and the coach is to identify growth areas and to work in a focused and disciplined way towards achieving those goals.



    I am an empath. (Here's the best description I've seen yet:)


    "Empaths have the innate ability to deeply understand the people they are confronted with. They perceive the underlying motivations of other people’s actions, their intentions, and their desires. In a sense, they are – consciously or unconsciously – able to tune into other people and to deeply understand them...

    (Sited from www.planetofsuccess.com)





    I use my sensitivity to the energy of others, to develop unique, tailored success strategies for my clients. ​My ability to intuit is intrinsic to how I engage with you holistically and contextually. While coaching and consulting, with individuals and organizations, I am able to use empathy as a tool to get to the core of any issues or concerns that may hinder change, development or growth.


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  • Client Reviews

    Rebecca Fishman Lipsey


    Jennifer is a powerful coach. She asks incredibly thoughtful questions and creates space for leaders to get to the heart of what they believe, what they want, and what's holding them back. My team brings Jennifer on as a coach for so many different projects, and I have personally valued having her in my corner when I make tough leadership choices. She isn't just wise...she knows how to help people tap into their own wisdom. She hears the things people don't say, and helps leaders find the truths they've been avoiding. Jennifer has been a secret weapon for our team.

    Jordan Magid


    Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and a fantastic addition to my production team. She came in as an unbiased listener, eager to learn about all aspects of my business. And along the way, she helped clarify key parts of my company that needed serious attention. From the start, Jennifer cared deeply about my well being as a leader and measured her success in relationship to my professional growth. This type of relational coaching style fit well with the needs of my business, though I am confident that Jen would seamlessly adapt herself to suit the needs of anybody with whom she works.n

    Kate Stein

    Climate Change Reporter


    Jennifer is the kind of person where you can go 15 years without seeing her, then pick up right where you left off. With deep attention and empathy, she helps you see the value of your boundaries -- and the gains you can achieve by pushing beyond them. I'm incredibly grateful to have her as a coach and friend.


    Monica O. Montgomery


    Working with Jennifer Heslop was a joy. As a business consultant Jennifer is attuned to understanding the needs and knowledge gaps of small businesses and finds ways to get things done to advance your artistic and business vision. While she was contracting with Museum of Impact, Jennifer's calm under pressure style helped me combat creative overwhelm and allowed me the freedom to dream big while curating the Movement Is Rising show. As a Museum Director her sensibilities boosted my first PopUp exhibit and was the foundation of the organization, structured well and executed with passion and precision. Jennifer straddles the lines between a creative director, production manager, project manager, highly skilled arts administrator and confidante. No matter what aspect of arts and culture you are working in, she's the one you want on your team to make it happen.

    Carolyn Butts


    Jennifer Heslop is a phenomenal talent whose ideas, depth and commitment in bringing a project to life makes her a valued member of any professional team. I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a collaboration between Mo Beasley's Urban Erotika and African Voices. She was instrumental in working through all the challenges and details necessary for the public to enjoy a seamless art experience. Jennifer Heslop understands the art of managing people, resources and time — the basic ingredients for achieving success. I am personally inspired by the enthusiasm and passion she shares with the world.

    Minerva Diaz

    Executive Director

    Dwyer Cultural Center

    New York

    Jennifer Heslop is a steady quiet gentle force who is dedicated to her client's goals and vision.

    I worked for three years to get 123rd street and St. Nicholas Ave in Harlem, NY renamed Ossie Davis Way and Ruby Dee Place because of their history with Cliff Frazier, owner of the Dwyer Cultural Center. It was a tedious process but Jennifer was always just a phone call away guiding me through some challenging hurdles. I had scheduled to have Jennifer flown in the night before the street naming to have her by my side for the unveiling of the signs. The weather was horrendous and there were many flight delays so she arrived on the afternoon of the event instead of the night before. For me, this is indicative of her dedication. She could have canceled the trip due to the weather, but she toughed it out at the airport for hours because she knew how important that moment was for me. And I will forever be grateful to her for that. Jennifer is not just a dedicated coach and consultant, she is a phenomenal woman who cares about her clients.

    Yolande McCray



    Jennifer is the real deal. I have always been the strong one in my group of friends, the one that motivate, guides and supports. After working with Jennifer, I realized that I was missing that component for myself. Not only did she encourage me and guide me, she also did not have a problem telling me when things were not a good idea or when I was planning projects that would not be lucrative. There was an immediate connection and she gets it. My business and personal life are now both in a better place because of the real feedback and transparency that I received while working with her.

    Monique Benoit

    Wine and Beauty Expert

    Wine et Beauté



    I started coaching with Jennifer in 2016 when I first moved to Paris, France. I was in the process of merging my passion of the beauty and wine industry. Jennifer made it very clear with what I needed to focus on and implement in order to be successful. She encouraged me and helped me utilize my natural talents . Through this process, I was able to discover and use her tools into my now new successful career.

    Orchard Winfield Productions

    Film Production

    New York

    We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Heslop, as our Production Manager for our new media series, People you Know. Immediately upon meeting Jennifer, I knew that she would be a tremendous asset to our team and someone who would provide an unique perspective to our project. Jennifer always made sure that production ran smoothly. With Jennifer by our side, we felt comfortable enough to leave the production reins in her hands. Jennifer even stepped up to handle some disputes that arose on set and managed large groups of cast in small spaces. Her energy, experience and enthusiasm is not only compelling, but also infectious. She brings the entire team up. Jennifer has a quiet confidence that inspires others to work harder and smarter. When Jennifer commits to a project she is there to see it through in every aspect and that dedication is very desirable.

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